The Biggest SERP Flux Since Penguin 2.0

Algoroo has measured the highest recorded level of SERP flux in Google since Penguin 2.0. The jump happened on the 17th of December, following a week of intermittent fluctuation in results.

algoroo update

Our team has already investigated the cause and there doesn’t seem to be a reason to believe this was a layout change or a technical error. We’re most likely looking at a major algorithm update.

Major Update?

The volatility level measured was at 3.48 (or 3.29 when normalised) making it the second biggest recorded change in Google search results in 2013, for reference Penguin 2.0 measured 4.12 on the roo scale. Algoroo data relies on fluctuations in rankings of tens of thousands of organic positions primarily from and a fraction from MozCast and Serp Metrics Flux are still in the 16th, but Serpometre (France) is confirming our findings:


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