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Elevate your SEO strategy and discover your website’s full traffic potential.

Focused Campaigns

We deliver sharp, well-prioritised SEO strategies designed to meet your business objectives.

Next Level Support

Proactive, helpful advice to increase your rank ceiling, mitigate risk, and maximise your marketing efforts.

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A trusted thought leader with over 20 years experience solving complex SEO problems and surfacing traffic opportunities.

Meet Deyan

Deyan is an Australian digital agency with an international reputation for marketing excellence and innovation since 2001.

Why choose Deyan as your

SEO Agency

We design and deploy sharp, well-prioritised SEO campaigns. All our decision making is based on data analysis and testing.

Our clients enjoy access to unique tools and methodologies designed to solve challenges, surface new insights and highlight opportunities.

Above all, we foster and value relationships, and take the best of care of our clients, our partners and our team.

They're great to work with, very thorough, and bring the high but honest level of scrutiny that we were looking for 🙂

Oliver Braithwaite
Oliver Braithwaite, Senior SEO Manager
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Data. Discovery. Testing.

Bespoke engagements give Deyan a great opportunity to work closely with clients to bring campaigns to life. The strategy phase takes 4-8 weeks to complete, depending on the scope and intricacy of the project. Providing as much data as possible when you get in touch helps us produce the most accurate traffic and ROI projections during the data and discovery phase.


What to expect

Our first meeting | Initial strategy session to align goals and expectations for the campaign

Data retrieval and analysis | Review of key data points to spark creativity and inform strategic decision-making

Opportunity detection | Surfacing of critical issues and quick win opportunities for your review

Campaign design | Additional time and care is taken to creatively problem-solve and brainstorm new ideas

The presentation | Final recommendations are packaged for your sign-off and approval

Campaign start | A 3, 6 or 12-month project timeline is set in motion with tasks allocated accordingly

Performance reporting | Regular WIPs, monthly reporting, and quarterly performance review

Ongoing support | Dedicated account handler, strategist, and specialist team

Achieving 200% growth in revenue

eCommerce SEO

Saving a Retailer Millions in Potentially Lost Revenue

eCommerce SEO

Recovering Page 1 Rankings After a Penalty


We Are a Moz Recommended SEO Company

We have been recognised and awarded by several companies in our industry for our SEO expertise.

Starting Points

If you’re unsure about where to begin, here is some information about the projects Deyan works with most.

SEO Retainer | We can provide a variation of quotes to fit to your budget range.

Strategy Design/Review | Improve your SEO strategy by understanding what’s working and what’s not.

Technical Audit | ½ or full day audit with actionable recommendations to ensure a solid foundation for SEO growth. Implementation support is optional.

SEO Testing | Quarterly design and deployment new website tests to scale growth safely on large websites.

Migration Audit | Mitigate risk of traffic loss when migrating your content and/or domain(s).

Market Research & Data Analysis | Advanced keyword research and trends analysis used to inform business decisions, product development and content generation.

Content Strategy | Ongoing surfacing of content gaps, landing page optimisation, and collaboration with your own in-house and external content teams.

Link Earning | Content and relationship-based link acquisition to build authority and drive referral traffic.

Rank Recovery | Risk assessment, disavow file maintenance, and manual link clean-up.

More Than SEO

Conversion Rate Optimisation | Quarterly design and deployment of website tests aimed at increasing leads from your existing traffic.

Visualisation & Reporting | Bespoke creation of live marketing dashboards to monitor campaign progress and report on the metrics you care about most.

Team Training | In addition to knowledge sharing on all our campaigns, Deyan offers tailored workshops for in-house teams looking to maximise their content and marketing efforts.


Same Rank. More Clicks.

Our team has a knack for innovation and solving complex SEO problems through proprietary technology and processes.

Leverage our CTR tool to analyse your current website performance and surface keywords that are performing below expectations.


The Company We Keep

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve run successful campaigns in some of the most competitive sectors globally:

Retail & eCommerce | Finance | Technology | B2B | Start-Up


Level Up

Book a call with our senior strategy team to discuss your project in detail. The consultation is free and highly constructive.

SEO 101

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How many phrases can I target?

A: We don’t limit the number of phrases you can target. We know your target customers will be searching for all sorts of phrases. We will, however, recommend a set of targets to give you the best return, taking into consideration your budget, search volume and competitiveness of those phrases.

Q: There are so many SEO companies, why are you better?

A: We’ve been doing SEO since 2008. We’ve handled more than 1000 successful campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest brands (including Virgin Australia, ABC and iSelect), as well as many startups and SMBs. When you’ve had that much experience, you develop a ‘gut-feel’ or sixth sense for what will and won’t work. More importantly, you have enough hard data at your fingertips to develop reliable models and calculators for guiding your activities, and predicting where the best return on investment lies. Deyan is one of the only SEO companies in Australia to have developed a suite of helpful SEO tools, including:

Algoroo – Algoroo tracks Google algorithm changes by observing turbulence in rankings of thousands of keywords. See media coverage of Algoroo…

Fresh Link Finder – This tool discovers new links to your website. This can be helpful in identifying links to your site that Google is unable to find and give you credit for. (Google skips from page to page via hyperlinks. To Google, a hyperlink is like a bridge. But if the page containing your link has no links pointing to it – no bridges – Google can’t get to it. It’s like an island. Which means you won’t get the benefit of the link.)

Phrase Research Calculator – This calculator uses highly accurate search engine ranking models to help us identify the most profitable approach to your SEO campaign. It leverages the wealth of reliable marketing intelligence data provided directly by Google Webmaster Tools, and results in smarter budgeting, more accurate campaign targeting, quicker results and improved return on investment.

Q: How do you determine the monthly price?

A: There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in SEO. Every business is different, which means every campaign is different. Our packages aren’t based on a specific list of fixed-price inclusions. They’re based on time. If you invest more, you get more of our time. Simple.

Q: Are there setup fees?

A: No!

Q: How long does it take?

A: We always start with a strategy, which involves an analysis of your business, a technical audit of your existing website, keyword research to determine the most profitable search queries, and competitor research to understand the playing field. Our strategy document outlines our plans for your campaign, including all goals, planned activities, priorities, deliverables and clear timeframes. Once you’ve signed off on the strategy, your SEO activities will be well under way within 1-2 weeks.

Q: When can I expect the results?

A: Every business is unique. A niche business with few competitors and a high-authority website will get results far faster than a company with a generic offer, a lot of competitors and a brand-new website. We employ sophisticated, data-driven tools to predict campaign outcomes and timeframes, and our strategy will detail these expectations, but there are, unfortunately, no guarantees.

Q: What exactly will you do?

A: Our work is transparent, safe and within search engine guidelines. We employ ‘white-hat’ SEO tactics only, based on high quality content, search-friendly website development and genuine human relationships. Every SEO campaign includes our standard services detailed above , but many will include much more, depending on their specific needs.

Q: What separates you from other SEO companies?

Other SEO companies work from templates and blindly go through masses of time-wasting activities that have no effect on rankings. We’re very good at discovering and targeting areas that will make the difference to your rankings and traffic – faster than anybody else.

Q: What sort of monthly budget do I need?

Our most popular campaign level is $1500 for small to medium size business and $8000 for large corporate SEO campaigns. We don’t charge any setup fees and you won’t be locked in a fixed-term contract.

Q: Can you guarantee rankings?

No. We do not give guarantees on rankings as this is against Google’s guidelines. No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a special relationship with Google, or advertise a priority submit to Google.

Q: How many phrases can I target?

We allow unlimited phrase targeting and can allocate a different portion of your SEO budget to each separate phrase. Our SEO campaigns are highly flexible and scalable which means that you can change phrases and budget on a month-to-month basis.

Q: Who will be in charge of my SEO?

At Deyan we care about personalisation of service, this is why you will mostly hear from your own account manager who is directly responsible for your website’s performance in search engines. Your project, depending on its size may involve up to ten people. Our experienced consultants can go beyond simple SEO and link building and on-demand create an elaborate strategy for you website.

Q: How long have you been doing SEO for?

Deyan has been consulting in the field of SEO since 2001.

Q: What is your secret?

There are no secrets. We feature a high level of transparency and share all our knowledge and ranking activities by way of simple and clean reporting that is accessible to all of our clients on demand 24/7.

The Deyan team employs a set of highly effective and innovative link building tactics that follow common sense and comply with the best SEO practices as outlined by major search engines.

We’re selective and prefer to research our link opportunities before making contact to ensure our conversations with you are productive. Good results are achieved with the right balance of creativity and hard work. Patience, as they say, is a virtue.