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Search Engine Optimisation

World-class SEO services ranging from technical SEO audits to complex ongoing campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Well-targeted, strategic digital ad campaigns including search, display and remarketing.

Marketing Strategy

Design and deployment of multi-channel digital marketing strategies.

Deyan is an Australian digital marketing agency with worldwide recognition for excellence and innovation. We specialise in medium-to-large projects across a wide range of industries including eCommerce.

Data. Discovery. Testing.

We design and deploy sharp, well-prioritised digital marketing strategies. All our decision making is based on data analysis and testing.


Our clients enjoy access to unique tools and methodologies designed to solve challenges, surface new insights and highlight opportunities.

"They're great to work with, very thorough, and bring the high but honest level of scrutiny that we were looking for :-)"
Oliver Braithwaite
Oliver Braithwaite, Senior SEO Manager
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Case Studies

eCommerce SEO: Achieving a 60% increase in YoY revenue

traffic growth
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Migration
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • CTR Optimisation
  • Content Quality Enhancements
  • Link Building
0 %
increase in revenue YoY
0 %
increase in traffic YoY
0 %
increase in conversion rate

How SEO Testing Saved This Retailer Millions in Future Revenue

0 %
increase in revenue YoY
0 %
increase in traffic YoY
0 M+
in saved in lost revenue

Rising from the Ashes: Best Online Marketing Campaign - Education

0 %
increase in traffic to target courses YoY
0 %
increase in traffic sitewide YoY
0 %
of links reclaimed or replaced

Restoring organic rankings after a manual action from Google

0 %
increase in organic traffic
0 %
increase in organic traffic YoY
0 %
rank increase for target keywords

Google algorithm changes​

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