Faces of Our Ancestors

To create an accurate morph sequence it was important to correctly map the key points on each set of blending faces. For example, placing a marker in the corner of an eye of one face may initially result in a wrong marker placement on another face. Adjustment of each element helps software map the key points with more accuracy.
The above screenshot shows roughly 50% of the points placed. This face mapping had to be repeated for each morphing pair (visible top left and right) while observing improvements in the output (bottom screen).

Morphed animation sequence of images recently featured on discovery.com
Music: Recorded live while watching the morph sequence. Mainly a random selection of different keys in reaction to the video.
Credits: Washington State University; Sven Traenkner (c), “Safari zum Urmenschen” (“Safari to Human Ancestors”) exhibition, Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
Software Used: FantaMorph 5, Adobe Premiere Pro, Reason 4

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