Penguinflux or Hummingbird?

Today we upgraded Algoroo to include all available SERP flux data ranging from December 2012 until now. One thing that strikes me as unusual is the impact Penguin 2.0 left on search results. It seems that the level of search result volatility never restored to its pre-Penguin 2.0 state which hints at a possibility of a whole new real-time search quality algorithm. Google has already confirmed that Panda (which used to be released manually) now runs continuously. I don’t have any records of Penguinlux being confirmed by Google but if you take a look at the graph below it’s clear that their results are much more turbulent since 23rd of May this year.

An update on this article was brought to my attention:

After contacting Google’s press department I was informed that Google has been running Hummingbird “for a few months,” not just since last month. The press department also reiterated their guidance for those doing SEO, “Our guidance to webmasters is the same as always — we encourage original, high-quality content, since that’s what’s best for web users.”

If the above is true, and Hummingbird was also such a dramatic algo update at Google, than the only date I can attribute it to is the 6th of June, though that seems pretty far from now. Still, we see a huge spike right after Penguin and no other update was assigned to this date.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts or any further updates you may have from official sources (Google).


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9 thoughts on “Penguinflux or Hummingbird?”

  1. Paul Back says:

    Hey Dan,
    This is pretty interesting find and it correlates with what I have noticed personally.. Thanks for the share, you guys have some pretty awesome content coming out of the Deyan SEO blog.
    Paul Back

  2. Miguel Silva Rodrigues says:

    Interesting graphic! Does Algoroo measure variations outside the usual 7-10 blue links? For example, variation in knowledge box and quick answer display? If so, I’m guessing this trend of instability might continue for a long time.

  3. rishil says:

    I raised the issue of this flux that I am seeing across 30 clients sites where their rankings are moving drastically in and out to levels unheard off. And month on month it seems to be growing…

  4. Deyan SEO says:

    I believe it’s only the ones with a CD=n parameter.

  5. Deyan SEO says:

    Ah. Interesting to hear that!

  6. IEMLabs says:

    Thank You for your update. Yes I have also seen some changes in our websites. From now we have to take updates of ranking and visitors also. If effected then what we will do?

  7. Spook SEO says:

    Hi Dan!
    Another interesting post and graphic you have shared here. I just love reading all of your articles. They are all well-written and very interesting. I hope to read more of your awesome post. I will be sharing this post of yours.

  8. Ariela says:

    I am not really sure how to read this graph…