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Deyan PDeyan P, the managing director of DEYAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.
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More than 10 Blue Links: Advanced-Level SERP Optimisation

2nd – 3rd April 2019 | ICM – International Congress Center Munich

If you manage a big brand or a website with well-established traffic, it’s crucial that you understand how to optimise for the SERPS. This session covers everything you need to know from exciting types of SERP snippets and Google Discover feed to more advanced optimisation and data analysis techniques. We will cover Snippet Types & Performance Statistics, Data Analysis & Surfacing Insights and how to set up your own optimisation process.

Featured Content

Listed as #5 in Moz’s Top 10 content of the year

We tend to put a lot of effort into writing great content these days. But what’s the point of all that hard work if hardly anybody actually reads it through to the end?

  • User Behaviour Data as a Ranking Signal
    Do search engines collect and utilise user behaviour data for ranking purposes? We’ve got a deep-dive into the data and theories behind user behaviour, search visibility, and more.
  • Why Nobody Reads Your Content
    Our research shows that only one in five people read web content word for word. Majority scan, skip and only read key items of interest.
  • The Art of Link Earning
    Understanding the nature of organic links on the web: An overview of eight primary contextual link environments.
  • Conversations With Google
    An in-depth post discussing the importance of natural language conversation in human-computer interaction and long-term predictions on evolution of Google.

Talks, Lectures, Interviews & Events

Deyan P on Stage

Deyan P with Cyrus Shepard


2017 Events

  • SMX, Munich
  • SEO Summit, Manila [slides]
  • SEO Bootcamp, Sydney
  • Whitehat vs Blackhat, Canada
  • Webmasters on the Roof, Munich
  • Search Marketing Summit Panel, Sydney
  • SMS Sydney, Advanced SEO Workshop
  • SEOktoberfest X, Munich
  • Big Digital, Adelaide
  • Cloudland Event With Google, Brisbane
  • MORCON, Manila
  • Tourism Marketing Summit, Split, Croatia (“How important is content for SEO?”)

2016 Events

  • SEOktoberfest IX, Munich
  • Digital Marketing Lecture, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • Digital Olympus, Worldwide Broadcast
  • SEO Summit, Quezon City
  • Big Digital, Adelaide
  • PeepCon, Quezon City
  • REPUBLICA Conference, Melbourne
  • UQMAS Panel – University of Queensland, Brisbane

2015 Events

Moz IgniteDeyan P, Mozcon Ignite 2015

  • Marketing Festival 2015, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Hubspot Webinar: Advanced SEO Process
  • SMX Munich
    • Presentation: The Fine Art of Link Earning
    • Webmasters on the Roof All Star Panel
  • SMX Sydney
    • Presentation: The Fine Art of Link Earning
    • Expert Panel
  • MozCon, Seattle
  • Podcast Interview with Borja Obeso
  • SEOktoberfest 8, Munich, Germany
  • Griffith University
    • SEO Guest Lecture
    • Promotion Lecture
    • Promotion + Content Lecture
    • Industry Advisory Board
  • Digital Summit: CRO & Content Talk
    • Brisbane
    • Melbourne
  • Hubspot Marketing Masterclass:
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
  • Deyan Partners: SEO Talk
    • Sydney
    • Brisbane
  • Southbank Convention Centre, Brisbane, SEO Talk
  • SEMY Awards Dinner, Munich
  • WordCamp Brisbane, Creative SEO Talk

2014 Events

SMX PanelRand Fishkin, Deyan P, Aleyda Solis, Kaspar Szymanski

  • Search Engine Bootcamp, Sydney
  • Practical Analytics, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • SEOktoberfest, Munich, Germany
  • SMX Sydney
  • SMX Munich, Germany
  • Deyan SEO @ Hilton, Sofia, Bulgaria [for WordCamp Europe]
  • Click! Digital Expo, Brisbane
  • Google Guest Lecture at Griffith University, Nathan
  • Online Marketing Guest Lecture at Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Industry Advisory Board Meeting, Brisbane Technology Park
  • Marketing Department Review Committee Meeting, Griffith University

2013 Events

Deyan PDeyan P, SMX

  • Keynote at Search Marketing Day, Poland
  • WordCamp, Melbourne
  • 7th IMMAP Summit, Philippines
  • Brisbane Digital Media Event, Belgrade
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • ABC TV Interview, Melbourne
  • Google Tour, Zurich
  • Online Retailer, Sydney
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • SMX, Sydney
  • SMX Elite, Sydney
  • Linux Conference Interviews, Canberra
  • Hangout with CERN, Zurich
  • e-Commerce Expo, Melbourne
  • Industry Advisory Board, Griffith University, Brisbane

2012 Events

Deyan P

Deyan P, TV Interview

  • SMX, Sydney
  • SMX, Melbourne
  • Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, Brisbane
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • Click! Digital Expo, Brisbane
  • Deyan SEO Seminar, Brisbane
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane
  • PeSA Internet Conference, Gold Coast

2011 Events

Deyan PDeyan P, Search Engine Bootcamp

  • Technology Expo, Gladstone
  • SMX, Sydney
  • SMX, Melbourne
  • Hyness Lawyers Breakfast Seminar, Brisbane
  • PeSA Internet Conference, Gold Coast
  • Crescent of Brisbane, Springwood
  • CCA Educause, Sydney
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Nathan
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane
  • WordCamp, Gold Coast
  • SEO Bootcamp

2010 Events

Deyan PDeyan P, Search Engine Marketing Day, Poznan, Poland

  • CeBIT
  • SMX Sydney
  • SMX Melbourne
  • SEO Masterclass Brisbane
  • SEO Bootcamp
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane

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